What Men Like About Women

When thinking about what men like about women it is nice to know that most men are naturally designed to like and fall for women. Women are on their part naturally designed to behave in a way that will ensure that men will like them. Although it is a given fact that men and women are very different, from other planets if you will and they may at times clash head on. Nevertheless, most men would desire to be with their women.

As the cliché goes: “Men or women, can’t live with them, can’t live without them…”.

So let’s focus on what properties men like about women?

Women are the complimentary opposite of men

Men can never be men without their women. This is a well known fact, since even the most powerful men can be destroyed when they lose their women. Whether you like it or not, women compliment men and it is a natural tendency of most men to be fulfilled only when they are with their women.

The property we are talking about here is the will to show off your man and don’t shy away or resist the fact that men like to “shine” towards other people.

Women balances the masculinity of men

The feminine touch of women can give balance to the masculinity of men. What this means is that man don’t want to be threatened when it comes to masculinity. When a man is with his friends, he tends to bring up the best of his raw masculinity. However, a certain quality in female companionship can take away any doubt that could threaten this belief.

The property we are talking about is the will to show his friends you are a catch, but most of all; his.

Women give men a sense of purpose

It is true that most men don’t have goals in life, and that they are part of the general group of society who just follow the same schedule as every day. However, when you add a woman to this equation, chances are that these men become goal oriented in thoughts like having a family, or the purpose to do anything to make you happy which are enough for most women. But what we are discussing here is that women have the power to change men to their best potential.

The property we are talking about is the will to show him his best qualities so he can see you take out the best in him.

Women give tender loving care

Men will always be boys partially and this is a good thing. Boys need a female role model for care and affection, usually a mother. When these boys grows up to be men, they usually possess the decency required to be at least an above average lover and caretaker. Men desire comparable qualities in the women the decide to live with and fortunately most women already have these qualities.

The property we are talking about is the will to show him that you are one of those women that men account as decent and loving.

Women make men feel they are in charge of things

Men love to feel like they are in charge even when they are not and sometimes even when they know they are not. When things are in order, a man feels like he did a good job being in charge and behaving strictly will achieve this order. It is a little like military but at home. Women can make men think that they are in charge and influence them in their decision making and make them think that it is the man’s decision. And they will love you for it.

The property we are talking about is the will to make him believe he is in charge.

Women assure men

In general women have a better understanding of sharing emotions than men. Emotionally, women are more open and interested to learn more about growing to harmonize every-day-matters with these emotions in comparison to men. In order for a man to function as a whole human being, meaning that he can share more than rugged attraction and things they are good at. Most of the time men would not admit they need this, but afterwards they will discover they became better people.

The property we are talking about is the will to present him the option to explore his emotions with you.

Where to go from here

Furthermore, be his inspiration, his muse if you will. In order to do that it is mandatory that you discover and learn clever tactics and methods to be able to transform into a confident woman or man to get the man you want.

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