How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

How to Get a Guy to ask you out!

The process in high school is as much the same as in college. The looks or the physical appearance as are reported to be the most important factor considered by most of the high school guys, especially those who belong to the varsity team. Guys focus more on looks. You need not to dress up very well with glittery stuffs and the likes; however you have to be your best in every way. You may be the best in your own way, say for example in class, if you are the most intelligent in class, then impress him with what you answer in class discussion or if you want to be in the club he is into, then join the club and be an active member.

Here are some easy ways on how you get the guy of your dreams to ask you out! You better start after reading this!

v Be yourself, do not pretend! Think about this, your guy was so polite to everyone and was so kind at your first date, then suddenly when he is now your boyfriend you never thought that he is so stupid and not that kind, what would you feel? Of course you will feel you have been cheated and deceived. This goes to you too! So from the very start show to him what and who you really are. Of course you could make alterations in order to impress, however do not fake your personality, because you have what it takes.

v Dress the way that makes you feel good, not him. Wear your clothes in a decent fashion. It is important to style as much as you are used to doing it, because that is how you identify yourself more. Don’t setup a lie now, it will result in you having to become someone you don’t like. Do not change your face with those plastered make-up and colorful dresses, high heels or shorts, or mini skirts. If you are comfortable with jeans, then wear it. Do not change anything, just so he’d ask you out. It’s a big NO, NO!

v GO….take the initiative! If you like a guy, give him a sweet smile. He will end up with the thought in mind why you smiled at him. Isn’t it mysterious? If you are shy enough, just smile. It will not do you any harm, even a little. Just be confident and you will see how he’d react on that!


v Make yourself approachable. How will that boy of your dreams ask you out if you are too nerdy, if you are not even giving him a smile or a clue that you want him to ask you out? Make it easy for him to approach you and ask you out. Be a friend to him and know him, what he likes and what he dislikes. Just remember do not be that easy with guys. Value yourself and also let him wait. It would not work if all you are doing all the time was to please him and give him favors so that you will make him ask you out. That is not good, either!

You have done what you have and what you need to do. By all means, and by these steps now, all he needs to do is ask you out! Some guys may be smart to figure out and ask you out at this moment, however some guys are not. Just take time and again, be patient. Value yourself! Good luck to your invitation!

Perhaps you are one of those people who isn’t interested to read any articles at all and just wants to discover how to get asked out right away, so if you are you can just do that.