How to Get a Boy to Like You

How Will I Get That Boy to Like Me?

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In school there is this boy who is your crush, right? He may have been watching you and observing what you do since the school year began and now you want to make sure he notices you even more, right? It is important to remain yourself and do not copy from others. When you wish to get a boyfriend it is all about confidence.

The first thing to do is to behave like all the boys in your schools like you. Don’t overdo is of course, but this behavior will show you are confident of yourself and this how to get a boy to notice you. Too much make up or showing of cleavage only lets people know you are not confident because your face and body will express the same insecurities as you had before and they will mock you for it.

Leave the work up to the boys that will approach you because you are confident of yourself. It there is a special someone, here are some things you may consider to make him notice and like you more than ever.

Study him. If he doesn’t come to you, don’t be afraid to go to him. Just behave like you talk to boys all the time, boys that want you. Do not ever give hints that you like him too. You don’t want him to think that he sees a girl that screams: “I need a boyfriend!”. Just look at him and discover what he likes. This can be about his clothes, or maybe his friends. Perhaps about a certain sport he likes or some trait that identifies him. They say that first impressions last, so give him a first impression that he will remember as something he likes and now in his mind he can picture you along with it.

It could be that he comes to you first. When that happens, just act calm and don’t show him that your world is being rocked at that moment. Look with a confident face, but smile at him, so he feels that he has a chance with you. Don’t judge him when he chooses topics you don’t like, maybe he is just as shy and nervous as you.

Know how to follow up. When the first talk has passed, you should have some points to work with. If you have asked him what he does in his free time you can later ask him when he practices those things, because maybe you could join him and watch him do it. That will give him a chance to perform at his best for you, whatever it is that he does.

Maybe he does nothing in his free time. In that case you will have room to think of activities he might like to do with you. Watching a game, or let him teach you something. Boys always feel secure when they get the opportunity to show girls what they can do.

Time for action! During your get together you could talk about the thing you are doing and be creative about it. A frequent mood killer are the awkward silences when both cannot think of anything to say because you’re too nervous. If he doesn’t act, then it will be up to you.

You can just say that you like him, but the way you say it is very important. Confidence is yet the main ingredient, say it in a cool and calm way. Again, behave like you have talked with a lot of guys to get confident, but don’t behave like boys do when they try to say it. Don’t just say: “I like you”, but say something like: “I think you’re kind of cool and yeah, I like you”. Say it while showing a confident smile and slowly look away to give him room to counter.

Let him CHASE you. If he was the one to approach you first, you can reward him with your attention, but now it is important to really act like a popular girl. Hang out with your friends and you can call him or text with him, but you should give him space to chase you.

If you were the one to approach him first, this behavior is far more important. Maybe you text him every now and then, but he must come to you now, since you took the first steps and that may have required some courage from your side. This is the period how to tell if a boy likes you and if he deserves you in the first place.

This is how you get a boy to like you. The bottom line is, just be a confident and act like you get attention all the time, so a guy has to deserve you. Accept yourself as a popular person and attract nice guys and even girls want to be friends with you, either because they like your confidence or they are just jealous because of it and want to learn from you how to get a boyfriend or popularity.

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